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Alternative investment is complex and global economic strategies are changing post-recession. We provide platform to identify, evaluate and deliver future perceptions on alternatives investment.

"In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable."

Robert Arnott(Portfolio Manager)

99 Alternatives offers a practical approach, partnership, knowledge and transparent dialogue between interested parties. We provide a marketing platform to grow your social media presence to allow investors to identify fresh new ideas in alternative investment and offers outside the traditional mechanism.

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The Platform

99 Alternatives understands the importance of advertising and with our extensive market research, it is clear that there is a niche gap in the investment market, where investors are looking for authentic and credible places to invest. Our new and exciting web portal has 99 plus authentic products to fill the gap. We provide perceptible opportunities in metals, energy, currency, bonds, antiques, technology, entertainment, bank investments, stocks, hedge funds, commodity, rare gems, UK property, international property and commercial property.

Why go through the trouble of having to advertise your company through several places at considerably high prices, but still not receive the results that you hoped for?

The Benefits


Opportunities built upon real data and understanding of future global advertising strategies.


Subscription and access to unique researched data.


System to identify unreal leads from unique live leads.

Advertising Tools (micro-site, email accounts etc.)

We provides you with a full user management functionality that results in faster development.

Information (news, data, live graphs etc.)

Latest information, data, statistics, live graphs and news on alternative investments.

Data Reports

Statistics and reports to identify geographical regions, IP addresses and people genuinely interested in your products.

Our web portal targets global investor audiences, generate leads and gives your brand a global exposure.

99 Alternatives Just The Beginning


There are over 99 Alternative Asset opportunities presented to you to explore.

Discussion Panel

Be able to discuss topics with other subscribers, brokers, lawyers, accountants and the team at 99 Alternatives

News Broadcast

Have up-to-date market news on each of the opportunities listed available to you.

Service Providers

A panel of brokers catered to the various opportunities that are listed from all over the world.

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