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Where Does Silver Come From?

The white metal has a long history of mining dating back to 3000 BC found in Greece and Turkey.

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19-09-19 12:54

How to tell if something is Silver?

Antique gifts from relatives, parents or friends may include precious metal items, gemstones and...

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19-09-19 12:43

Which Is Better Silver Or Sterling Silver?

Sterling and silver metal are the same with a different composition where the method to produce the...

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18-09-19 11:57

Why Is Gold So Valuable?

Economists have mocked gold in past and some of the top investors rejected it against global...

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18-09-19 11:51

Where is the royal mint?

The Royal Mint works as a government organisation which has a track of existence almost from the...

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17-09-19 14:18

How much is Silver per gram?

The geopolitical tensions and the attack on Saudi oil led to a gain in safe-haven assets like...

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17-09-19 14:03

What is the chemical symbol for Iron?

Iron is 4th most abundant element found in earth’s crust along with nickel and sulphur, and the...

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17-09-19 13:50

How to clean Silver Coins?

Most antiques, ancient coins, jewellery, showpieces or silver bars may appear black due to the...

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17-09-19 13:15

What Is A Palladium?

Silvery white palladium metal has a huge market in China, mainly,

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16-09-19 11:11

What Is Platinum?

Platinum was initially identified as a metal which could sustain higher temperature

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16-09-19 11:00

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