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Recent Terminologies


Alternative Minimum Tax

The Alternative Minimum Tax is the tax that is calculated for individuals and not corporations. It...

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08-02-20 00:13


A sector represents a set of companies operating in an area or one activity. Usually, the operation...

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31-01-20 20:10


Risk is defined as volatility in earnings and gains, which might include loss. Investments have...

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31-01-20 19:41

What does BMV stand for ?

BMV stands for below market value, the term is often used to high light that a particular investment...

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16-10-19 22:21

Property for Sale

When a phrase property for sale is used it relates to real estate or alternative asset classes that...

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07-10-19 22:40

On The Market

When a phrase on the market is used it defines that a particular asset classes, services or products...

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07-10-19 21:46

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