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Recent Terminologies


The Expense

In any organizations expenses can be made on conferences/ meetings, commercial units for rent

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14-07-20 08:29

Inter Vivos Gift

There is a personal inheritance tax allowance, called the nil rate band

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14-07-20 08:00

Delta Hedging

Hedging is the term used to describe the process of elimination of risk of a position.

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14-07-20 07:50

MRS Economics

It is related to the indifferent analysis where the study tries to identify the possible basket of...

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14-07-20 07:32

Waiver of Premium Rider

It is also called the waiver of premium for disability as it provides an optional addition to the...

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14-07-20 07:17


It provides a trading platform supported by bots and trading tools for new and professional traders.

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14-07-20 07:00

Sweetheart deal

It is a kind of abnormal contract made secretly between two parties often associated with mergers...

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14-07-20 06:49

Checkable Deposits

It is an asset, fiat money where the depositor can withdraw funds from the account at any time.

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14-07-20 06:38


It is the municipal security for which the interest rates are reset periodically (weekly, monthly,...

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14-07-20 06:27

Production Possibility Frontier (PPF)

The world of economies is based on several factors like resources, opportunity cost

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14-07-20 06:19

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