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Recent Terminologies


What is a deposition ?

At a deposition, the person appears at a place or a specified time and gives sworn testimony under...

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17-03-20 00:46

What is an affidavit ?

Affidavit meaning a written statement submitted or given by a witness in a case and an affidavit...

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16-03-20 23:43

What is a standing order ?

A standing order refers to the automated method used to make payments where the person or the...

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16-03-20 23:38

What is a swift code ?

A Swift Code is the number associated to a bank account number which provides a standard format for...

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16-03-20 23:35

What is a subpoena ?

Criminal contempt happens if the court summons a person to appear or present documents to punish the...

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16-03-20 23:30

What is a P60 ?

The P60 form refers to the document which has entries that indicate how much you earned in the tax...

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16-03-20 23:19

What is a P45 ?

P45 meaning tax document provided to an employee by the employer when they stop working. It contains...

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16-03-20 23:14

What is a notice period ?

Notice period refers to the amount of time the employee gives to the company before he decides to...

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16-03-20 23:05

What is a guarantor ?

In a guarantor mortgage, a close family member or a parent takes on some of the risks of the...

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16-03-20 22:32

What is a dividend yield ?

The dividend yield is the current yield considered by a shareholder while analysing the potential of...

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16-03-20 22:23

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