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Recent Terminologies


Pricing power

A reduction in pricing power has been related to the absence of an increase in information in the US...

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29-08-20 13:22

New growth theory

New Growth Theory (NGT) is related to the economy where it views the technological progress as an...

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29-08-20 12:48


Most accounting software have tables that show balance sheets, its activities, and ending balance...

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29-08-20 12:45


These days some commercial banks have acquired the funds and developed capabilities internally to...

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29-08-20 12:43

Exclusion ratio

The exclusion ratio is used for taxing non-qualified immediate annuity payments or non – qualified...

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29-08-20 12:41

Near term

Near term and short term are used similarly wherein a day's trade one can use the strategy of a near...

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29-08-20 12:38


The credit reporting system comprises of institutions, procedures, individuals, rules and techniques...

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29-08-20 12:34

The elasticity of demand

As per the law of demand, the higher is the price of goods, the less the consumers will purchase

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29-08-20 11:39

MPS formula

the Keynesian Multiplier in the economic theory refers to the increase in private consumption...

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29-08-20 11:34


The real estate industry in countries like Belgium, France, Finland, Australia, and other nations...

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29-08-20 11:27

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