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Recent FAQ's


What is the current ratio ?

The current ratio is referred to as the working capital ratio. It is also the liquidity ratio that...

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19-03-20 23:35

What is voluntary excess ?

What is Voluntary Excess? the voluntary excess is the amount one pays if a claim is made on the...

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19-03-20 01:05

What is turnover?

What is Turnover? turnover is used to indicate the value of business and trading, and the word...

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19-03-20 01:02

What is tax liability ?

What is tax liability? tax liability means one is responsible for paying something to the taxing...

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19-03-20 00:55

What is sterling silver?

What is Sterling Silver? It has a lifetime of durability. Pure silver metal is very soft and is also...

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19-03-20 00:52

What is statistics ?

Statistics involves a set of mathematical equations which can be used to analyze things. It keeps a...

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19-03-20 00:49

What is PAYE ?

The Pay As You Earn (PAYE) is the method used for paying insurance contribution and income tax where...

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19-03-20 00:46

What is ISA ?

Individual savings accounts allow saving money tax-free. There is a limit set by the government on...

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18-03-20 01:57

What is hydroelectric energy ?

The flow of water energy can be captured and converted into electricity. The most common type of...

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18-03-20 01:52

What is hydro energy ?

The hydro power is one of the oldest sources of energies on the earth where the power of flowing...

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18-03-20 01:49

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