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Recent FAQ's


What are alternative asset investments ?

Such investments have a low correlation to the traditional markets and a lower degree of liquidity....

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28-12-19 16:02

What is inward investment ?

It is the kind of investment in the UK through foreign direct investment that can bring in new jobs...

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28-12-19 15:50

What is an investment property ?

It is a residential or commercial second home bought, mainly, to get income or appreciation, or to...

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28-12-19 15:44

What is blockchain ?

Blockchain is like a spreadsheet (a distributed ledger) which is shared with different networks and...

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28-12-19 15:22

What is an investment trust ?

Such a trust is used to buy shares of different companies and assets, where the money is collected...

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28-12-19 15:02

What is investment banking ?

It refers to financial advisory provided to some of the big corporates, governments or individuals...

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28-12-19 14:45

What is a metal ?

These are elements which are mostly good conductors, lustrous, malleable, and denser than others....

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28-12-19 14:24

What is titanium used for ?

It is corrosion resistant investment metal and may take over 4000 years in seawater to corrode, so...

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28-12-19 14:07

What is titanium ?

The International Space Centre uses the metal in its parts because it is denser than aluminium and...

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28-12-19 14:00

What is rhodium ?

Rhodium Rh is silvery white inert transition element obtained as by product from nickel production,...

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28-12-19 13:45

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