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Don’t let a scammer enjoy..

Scammers design attractive offers to persuade you to transfer your pension pot...

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15-08-19 18:28

House buyers are being..

House buyers are being warned to be on their guard when purchasing new...

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15-08-19 18:12

Betting fraudsters ordered..

Two Brighton men, already sentenced for money laundering in a horse race betting...

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15-08-19 18:04

5 million pension savers..

Fraudsters are sending the public fake TV licensing emails to steal their...

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15-08-19 17:55

Over £27 million reported..

New warning from The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Action Fraud.

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29-05-19 12:30

Forex and Crypto Investment..

In 2018 -2019, UK FCA, cybercrime reporting centre and Action frauds data found...

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22-05-19 18:27

Bank customer lose thousands..

The scams where the fraudsters tricked bank customers to pay out of their...

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22-04-19 17:55

HMRC: Beware of tax rebate..

Many are getting emails or calls from Info/ HM where they are informed that...

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22-04-19 17:54

Off-duty police officer..

An eagle-eyed off duty officer stepped in to stop his elderly neighbour becoming...

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22-04-19 17:49

A third of over 75s targeted..

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is urging over 55s to take their time to...

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21-03-19 17:28

The most common Scam Investments include  :

  • Property Loan Notes
  • Binary Options
  • Carbon Credits
  • Rare Earth Metals
  • Wine and Art Investments
  • UK Land Plots
  • Free Pension Reviews
  • Gold Diamond Mines
  • Cryptocurrency Investment
  • Co- Sharing Workspace

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Other common financial scams:

  • Fake email's representing large ethical companies
  • Online dating (romance) scams
  • Banking and online account scams
  • Recovery rooms promising to recover your failed investment
  • Travel Scams
  • Pre-IPO Scams
  • Bank loan and credit card scam

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Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Web: www.fca.org.uk

  • 0300 0500 0597
  • consumer.queries@fca.org.uk

Action Fraud

Web: www.actionfraud.police.uk

  • 0300 123 2040
  • info@actionfraud.police.uk

Citizens Advice Bureau

Web: www.citizensadvice.org.uk

  • 0345 040506
  • info@citizensadvice.org.uk

Serious Fraud Office

Web: www.sfo.gov.uk

  • 0207 239 7272 / 7152
  • public.enquiries@sfo.gsi.gov.uk

National Crime Agency

Web: www.nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk

  • 0370 4967622
  • communication@nca.x.gsi.gov.uk

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