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Millions Are Lost in..

Millions Are Lost in Cryptocurrency Frauds Each Year, Cryptocurrency is digital...

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01-11-21 05:27

Loss In Terms Of Monetary..

One of the victims received an email related to the renewal of the TV license...

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23-10-21 12:12

Emergency Number 159 Was..

An emergency hotline number 159 has been formed to report and verify the...

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12-10-21 11:47

71 Per Cent Growth In Frauds..

Over £4m was defrauded by individuals in the first half of the pandemic year;...

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29-09-21 13:57

Nationwide Recommends..

The Nationwide economic crime directors said that We can handle the epidemic of...

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29-09-21 13:36

How to Identify Unregulated..

How to Identify Unregulated Investment Scams? Often the investors who buy in...

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24-09-21 07:48

Boiler Room Scams: Shares,..

Boiler room frauds involve cold calls from people who are scammers who get the...

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24-09-21 07:05

Restricted US Shares Scams

Similarly, the investment in US restricted or controlled shares is often very...

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23-09-21 07:04

The Rare Earth Metal Scams

Since the FCA does not regulate rare earth metals deals, the investment cannot...

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23-09-21 06:41

Overseas Or Agricultural..

Overseas agricultural property investment scam is not new. It is a high return...

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23-09-21 06:09

The most common Scam Investments include  :

  • Property Loan Notes
  • Binary Options
  • Carbon Credits
  • Rare Earth Metals
  • Wine and Art Investments
  • UK Land Plots
  • Free Pension Reviews
  • Gold Diamond Mines
  • Cryptocurrency Investment
  • Co- Sharing Workspace

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Other common financial scams:

  • Fake email's representing large ethical companies
  • Online dating (romance) scams
  • Banking and online account scams
  • Recovery rooms promising to recover your failed investment
  • Travel Scams
  • Pre-IPO Scams
  • Bank loan and credit card scam

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